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The Road to Damnation - text


I’m passing through infinite void, the road to damnation
For centuries it has been foretold that I am the One
No light in this desolate space, no sign of salvation
The sorcerer said he’ll be there to open the gate

Then from the mist a figure appeared
its cloak was black as the night
With skinless hands it reached out to me
I heard its voice in my mind

I am the ruler of Hell, king of your soul
I am the bringer of pain, here in this hole witness your fall

I’m holding the sword in my hand, blade of the pure vengeance
I know now I have been betrayed by those I once saved
For only this steel I can trust, my faithful companion
And before my life turns to dust, I’ll go down fighting

Once I was free, one with the wind
heir to the throne of the Earth
Then came the day hope disappeared
crushed with the dark magick

Why am I here in this realm, into the storm?
You have been summoned at last, doomed is your soul, now hear my words

You think you were born from your mother’s womb
but seed that created you was mine
I watched as you grew, seen what you’ve become
the last piece of my prophecy

Now that the truth is revealed, pain is no longer in me
Even my life was a lie, but now I'm ready to die
And as I stand on my feet, clenching the hilt on my sword
The only thing you will feel is cold embrace of my steel

Now I’m the ruler of Hell, queen of all souls
I am the bringer of death, second to none
I am the ruler of Hell, queen of all souls
I am the bringer of death, second to none, witness the fall

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