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Had a plan, from the time that I touched down
That I'd tame this stinking town
Show the world just how I fly
Squeeze a promise out of lies
I've got a map of the stars and a rental car
Two Jones Sodas and this beat up guitar
And I'm just tryin' to fit in
Just me and the world 'til death do us part
Lost in a town with freaks and no heart
But I'm transfixed in
Oooh, a map of the stars
So this plan said a prophet to my face
You won't make it in this place
Well the weak they fall and drown
Walk the streets sleep on the ground
Got a map to a place of many dreams
That get crushed to smithereens
Should have known when I arrived
It's made hopeless by design
Had a map of the stars and a cup made of tin
Lost in a town covered in sin
Who can be in....a map of the stars
How could I be in, believed I be in
Way out of reach down on Satellite Beach
You can see them
Straight down the hole with a piece of your soul
You can be them
Freeway never takes me home
So I fly between them

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