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I thought we'd always be together
We'd sit around and drink black coffee
Talkin' 'bout the people we had been
We traveled through the childhood memories
You showed me scars from the bars of monkey
Smiling as your eyes reflected me
Now everything has changed
Your street, your hair, your name
My world is rearranged
'Cause everything has, everything has changed
I woke up on a winter Wednesday
I read the note that you had left me
You found another friend to help you through
For years I tried to put you under
The memories made me run for cover
I'd see your face in everything I'd do
Well I was wrong
You never felt the same
And now you've gone
Away... away
The days of wine and roses tasted
I think of all the time I've wasted
Wanderin' through a past that could have been
I know that nothing lasts forever
Best times are the ones remembered
Thankful for the days that I have seen
Everything has changed.

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