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I woke up on the bus after sleeping outside
I saw somebody's baby and I asked her for a ride
She told me she was going where the angels fear to tread
I laughed and said I've been there they left me for dead
We pulled up to the gate after the sun had gone down
I knew it from the visions I'd seen floating around
We walked along the garden he was waiting at the door
He laughed and said I know you, you better hit the floor
It's all or nothing inside
We're all just living on the dark side of lonely
It's all just rumors and sighs
It's the last, it's the first, it's the chapter and verse
It's a beautiful curse
They were dancing in the foyer they were crying on the stairs
Wailing in the swimming pool and passed out on the chairs
The vapor from the fire it was filling up the space
She said the devil has got a killing place
The stars are all out hanging in the trees
Out in the backyard standing in the shadows
Our friends are all gone you better leave with me
Breaking out the back door smashing out the window
Never gonna leave with me
We stayed a little longer she knew something wasn't right
The water kept on rising right up to the morning light
Her eyes were slowly shutting her lips were close to mine
I like the poison I just won't drink the wine

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