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Winter Embraces Lands Beyond - text


They ride upon infernal dragons, mighty beasts
And one of them is carrying a lance and a banner
And is chosen under the power of Amaymon
"Art thou Asmoday?"
"And he giveth the ring of virtues and
guardeth the place where treasures lie"

And when the clouds get dark and vast
Our aspirations penetrate infinity
And our voice will be heard and feared
As the gloomy sky turns in a carmine dream

The other one is carrying a viper
And he is a strong and mighty duke
"He shalt declare wittingly how the spirits feel"

And as the sky turns in a carmine dream
The legions of infernal spirits dwell
Ruled by the great king of the east
As Bael speaks he casts his spell
And winter embraces lands beyond

"Art thou Asmoday?"
Under Amaymon they all dwell
And you shall feel their presence
When winter embraces lands beyond

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