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Covered in ashes, drenched in blood
Witness this apocalyptic funeral pyre
Covered in ashes, drenched in blood
Of Gods, kings and vagabonds alike
Covered in ashes, drenched in blood
Keeper of the spark of creation, the blade of flame
Covered in ashes, drenched in blood
Hearken the call of the fabled shrieking horn

“This is the moment I ride forth,
accompanied by my sons of the barren earth
I wield my sword and incinerate all;
casting all worlds back before their birth”

In the chaos of battle shall the heaven be cloven,
and the sons of salvation ride thence:
The Redeemer shall ride first,
and both before and after him burning fire

Redeemer I am called.
For I make the earth shiver,
Empty the oceans on fertile land,
Let the heavens drone,
Resound the horrifying darkness of death!
The star bearing wind I put in motion
With my thunderous call rich with ravenous wrath
And penetrate into the deepest forests
But the minds of young and old I reach
With my steady voice full of malice

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