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Into the Nameless Void - text


To escape the dismal Stygian Keep
Rise above the flock of woeful sheep
To know the origin of the appalling Alpha
Aspiring to become the exalted Omega
Confined within a deafening silence
Determined into the nameless void I leap
Gaining arcane Demonic guidance
While rabidly repeating this forbidden mantra

Enduring with single minded determination
Mortal death building up to orgasmic salvation
By carefully applying the alchemystical principle
Ejaculates mind from cumbersome vessel

And in my ascension dispassionately I behold
The truths behind false prophecies foretold
Seeing all truths to its subatomic particles
Knowing the errors of arrogant human principles
Restricted to their compendium of assumptions
Narrow minded philosophies within its limitations

Knowing what was, what is and what will be
A labyrinth of variations and possibilities I see
The vastness of the Cosmos in its infinity
All its complexities and dimensions a certainty

Elevated far above the Empyrean Throne
False upon his children it shone
Elevated far above the burden of human live
Observing its desperate ineffectual strive
Detached contemplating the path I am to take
The True Light of Lucifer is finally shown
To abolish Elohim and His hosts in the heavens
A holocaust from which none shall survive

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