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War had begun to rage across the heavens fair
As the seven-headed dragon emerged from its hidden lair
Its rebellion to the clash of angels and demons gave birth
And on that day the stars of heaven fell unto the earth
To reside in this world to dwell amongst lesser men
Yet a prospect to achieve a grand demonic master plan
Standing in the moonlight gleam I reflect on my fate
As the sound of the wind inspires me to contemplate
In awe of the stars shining bright above, I wonder…
What possible force may tear these creatures asunder?
They who were here before and will long after be
When my soul is immersed in a boundless cosmic sea
A coldness in the air stirs a craving inside of me
To overcome mankind by virtues I shall soon receive
I call upon the blessing beyond our own dimension
Pervading time and space far beyond human comprehension
Evil voices echo through my mind, their wisdom makes me whole
As demonic supremacy overwhelms me and penetrates my soul
I invoke the force of Satan and adore his fallen kin
I renounce this world, soiled by countless years of mortal sin
My will to enter complex dimensions (my journey into perdition)
Study the lore of days long past, obscured by abrahamic tradition
Battle the plague that slowly corrupted our brothers’ bravery
The rise of evil in man – a release from such endless slavery
The rise of man to Satan’s throne, a true revolution of the mind
His wisdom revealed as a sword of loathing upon mankind
A wise and mighty force in the shadows shall be bred again
A precious prospect to achieve a grand demonic master plan
Those worthy will dominate as the feeble herd shall comply
And forever worship the novel constellations in the nightly sky

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