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Until the Worlds Collide - text


I was born with a gun in my hand
And here I stand
On the edge of the dark
So many years are gone
Since the journey has begun
In a world that has moved on
Through the desert and the rain
Disease and pain
And through a paradox
That made me insane
Along the shore
And through the door

Everyday fall away
On this endless journey
We follow every door
Until the worlds collide
And the melody will kill our mind

We got away
Riding the insane
With a one way ticket to hell
We fade away
In the waste-lands
Where time is caged in a shell
Father here I am
See what I have become
I am the son
Of good and evil
It's time to die

I am here come to me
I wait for you
I am the lord of Discordia
Your crimson nightmare
Penetrate me with all your bullet
You will never get in the tower

Let's start again

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