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Slaves to the Greed Machine - text


Is this really my destiny
To be part of the machine
I got stuck into grey
That fades to black

It's the same old road again
Nothing to remember
A dead end sign is passing by
But I can't change direction

My world around me
Is full of lies
Nothing but illusion
And hypocrisy
So wipe the blindfold from your eyes
And let us break through
Look at me
I've become
A slave to the greed machine

Down to the bottom deep
We go down
Where the sun is dead
I feel like a roaming ghost
In a shadow world

I will break this circle
And I will live again
What is all your money worth
When you're just counting the days

There is something in my blood
I wanna see the sun again

There is something in my blood
I will awake
That drives me on and on

I am climbing up my soul
I will awake
To see the sun again

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