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I let it burn

I am the new messiah
I bring you joy, fun and death
My laughter
Is what you hear last

A tidal wave
Of fear and chaos
Will wash away
All of your beloved control

I wanna see you running scared

There is a trace to find me
Just follow my sign

I am a thorn
I give you scars
Come and hit me
You cannot resist

Put on your mask
Look in the mirror
And tell me what is
The difference between you and me

I wanna see this city burn
Collapsing morality
You think I am just an another freak
Come to me
Take a look
Through the eyes of anarchy

I am the one
The one to hate
You cannot kill me
I am your counterweight

I let it burn

Text přidal DevilDan

The Rise of Resistance

Circle Of Silence texty

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