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Slaughter in Tri-Territory - text


Shiyanweishen make Yuanhun forced Qiu views
Glaucoma ghost hatred Chuan-fa take along
Hair flying bone fixed grievances evil plot method

Health devils who hate blocked off the first Prodigy

Xu soul driving fine, never turn passenger aircraft registration
Heavy rain through the soul eyes red hair hanging
Uncle volume Trick shock hiss everywhere
Hate hatred gas block cross scattered Plus what am I killing

Hate Kill

No passenger in their dealings with people I soul sound
Bowed hand corner straight back to the boat gas chatter
Approaching the more startling offshore lip biting blood
Be what you want to dig our enemies dare to stop I kill lung

Hate Kill
'Ship will jump jump ashore by Hong Kong
Hate will release the soul to the Zhou house '

Hate Kill

Yin Fucheng life For Tizhao Niang head
Chung Yin Fu Bing congregation to heaven
'Kill all ghosts four non Wu Yi
Mother Bao Yuan Lu Chao refrain block '
Inverse vibration evil ways ghosts scattered broken overcast Fu Bing array

Hei Wuchang Bai Wuchang continued salty nether order
Take your mother soul ghost Chao Chung caught off their remaining years to kill enemies
'I see no hatred Mo Ru ghost congregation fixed gear I can not'
Mother calendar hate straight through raging Zhao Feng Yin orders impermanence

Heaven legislation aimed Erlang Junzhuizhaoniang
Storm clouds drop magic block Li renewed female revenge
'Even if the day has been against the law to do so Wu Yi Guards'
Wind shaking the rain off spin swing back to Godhead wrist

Devils Zhao Ting anti nether Mother Guards
Qiu crazy Italian soul hates Stanford overflow murderous heads
'Wan Qiu Mo re-blocking I intended to condemn the spirits to stop'
Land of the Dead Kill off the posterior pole sin spirits touch

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Video přidal Devilhell

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