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The distant ringing of cathedral bells echoes from afar, chiming the arrival of nightfall. Gracefully radiant in the infinite blackness, the moonlight reveals a elusive fortress in the distant fog. Beyond the fortifications of Cilucithion, tenebrous darkness descends on funest wings as the nocturnal order of the Om’kaar reigns supreme from their castle walls. Like obsidian blades piercing the night-sky, obscure stone columns rise before Cilucithionian knights as they march into barren fields to vanquish the ghost-fortress of Ve’coiitn’aphnat’smaala. Legions of armor-clad paladins gather amid foul swirling winds, grimly waiting the final hour of confrontation in the shadow of the spectral structure. Suddenly, a booming voice roars from the ghastly monument, “Th’ rof Ecom Om’kaar S’nioinm”. Commanded by their sworn master, phantom entities emerge from interdimensional warp-gates. Invoked by arcane magick, shapeless horsemen gallop across the plains as thunder shatters the sky. Raising their swords in unison, the fiery war-cry of Cilucithionian knights resounds in the cold night. Charging forth into the chaotic fray, infernal legions face-off in the ravaged hills. Armour, swords and spears clash, as mutilated corpses litter the burning country-side. Above the battle ruins, hordes of floating cavaliers stream from monolithic spires, their spectral shapes ominously descending upon the war-torn fields. Infinite arrows rain down upon the paladins, as they fearfully retreat to their own stronghold. Cursing the gods for abandoning them, they mournfully await their morbid funeration. Submerged by the counter-attacking Om’kaar horde, the castle fortifications crumble into nothingness. Triumphant, the spectral beings desecrate and burn the once glorious halls of Cilucithion. As the city turns to ashes, tall pikes adorning the severed heads of the vanquished are seen from afar, as a warning to neighbouring realms. For all men shall kneel before the might of the Om’kaar and the ghost-fortress of Ve’coiitn’aphnat’smaala.

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