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Into the Vaults of Ingurgitating Obscurity - text

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As you journey through the pestilential mists of a forsaken marshland, you search for the hidden entrance that will lead you to the domain of Eil’udom. You find a moss-covered mausoleum – the sepulchre of your forefathers, and you dig beneath the tombs, finding a tunnel beneath the ground. As you enter the vaults of ingurgitating obscurity, the blood-chilling, eerie calm that surrounds you makes your body tremble in fear. Through the cryptic gloom, you hear the shadows whisper, their voices echoing in a silent, sinister discordance. “My mind must be playing tricks on me”.
And as you find an arched entrance, the shadows suddenly become distinct shapes; Grotesque, phantomatic entities with obscenely deformed mouths. In a deafening choir, the spirits chanted:
“This is the Gateway of Eil’ûdom: The passage that leads to the realms of Ethereality, and we are the slumbering guardians of this entrance, which mortals are forbidden to enter.”
While the shapes dissipate into a cloud, you hear multiple, distant, piercing shrieks that reverberate against the vault walls. “Come to us”, you hear them cry out. Sadistic laughter resonates in your ears as you attempt to find your way through the labyrinthine catacombs…soon to be your grave.
Suddenly, “they” surround you. The floor starts devouring your feet, while sickening obscure shapes munch on your body…mercilessly. As you are being slowly masticated by the guardians of Eil’udom, you gaze one last time at the ghastly faces of your predecessors through the mist, laughing at your fate (morbid irony). But you shall not become one of them… you shall be feasted on for all eternity.

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