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Killing Spree - text


I'm the extreme case of fire and anger
I'm the extreme case of fire and anger
I'm the extreme case of fire and anger
The misguided angel with ice in his veins
My thought pattern is scattered playing Russian roulette
I'm a rottweiler, Excaliber, rock like Metallica
Gunnery Sergeant, chargin with my beloved core
Don't interrupt me, I'll errupt abruptly
Heavy metal makeover
Mad Child born hard again
Four by four pick up truck to kick up dust
Still astounding, vanity knows no boundaries
You can't fuck with this commando
Rambo rap while in the jungle
Kung-fu kicks to crack helmets
Love is overrated, fuck freaks for fulfillment
Keep it in the family, all my friends go film it
Overwhelming, Shane spit flames, knocked insane
Not identical, not cynical, far from my pinnicle
Renegade rap, whitewater rapids river rafting
Living in the lap of luxury laughing
Catch a dirt nap when I start reacting
Yo you feeling me? I'm on a killing spree[x3]
Compare us to someone else
You don't want to go at itCompare us to someone else
Prevail do or die[Prevail]
My relief, to finalize the movement of the freaks
In a fantastic place where you are what you eat
(What's up? What's up?) News of the new world chump
Enforce when I'm sober, enforce when I'm drunk
Until the village sorcerer, give them time to jump to the orchestra
Battle Axe warriors throw you around like raggedy dolls
No one answers when the majesty of tragedy calls
If i'm involved it's easy to spot
Check the weight of the victim and the type of knot
Type O your whole crew with the talon of a hawk
Drink in my hand, probably gin on the rocks
Im the center of the universe kill a verse if im hot
Yo to tell you the truth im the duke of the dark
Double sided mirrors and frost breath my repuation for rocking sets
Is darker than death
Armour on my left arm armour on my chest
Yo you feeling me? i'm on a killing spree

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