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Anyone But Me - text


We never seem to get along.
I'm always right
You're never wrong.
Wish that you could see the way

I see it.
I say left
You say right.
You say day
And I say night.
You may have your dream
But I can't be it.

Don't try to change me
Cause I'm not you.

I walked a mile in your shoes
Learned a lot
I was amused
But I can't be anyone but me.
I can change what I wear
Change the color of my hair
But I can't be anyone but me.

If you could try to understand
You'd see who
I really am.
I just want to make
My own decisions.
You try to make
Me someone else
But I've got to be myself.
Don't wanna have to ask for your permission.

Don't try to change me
Because I'm not you.

Now that we've
found a way to start
to be just who we are
It doesn't have to be so hard
Now that we've come so far.
I'm proud of you
You're proud of me.
Together we will see
All the missing pieces of this
Wild and crazy mystery!

Oh, oh, oh
Yeah yeah

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