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Marisa Cristina - Forget Me Now - text

feelings they come and they go sometimes without warning
so when were little, we all have to lose something
you say im not what your problem
oh no, stop lying to yourself [you can't contain yourself]

and learn that its no use to play with me
and im startin to think
that it turns you on
when i show i could care less
its not just to mess with you
the truth is the truth drives you crazy

all my loves gone
and it left all alone
and you can't say im the one anymore
like a piece of gum
you got stuck
i wound you all up
and let you down
thats why you can't forget me now

Forget me now
Forget me now
Forget me now
If you know whats good

Forget me now
Forget me now
Forget me now
If you know whats good

Give me a shiny gold star
I sold out too early
Cuz your the first boy
I thought might be good for me
I did the math and
I did it all so selfishly
All for myself [I should be by myself]


Way to hard and
Way to fast arn't
Made to last, my friend
If I would do once again,


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