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A distressed ship fired off her alarm
But no-one heard
The cutter was found fathoms away
Leaving furrows deep to the bone
She lay there, motionless and bloody in her lover's arms
He was screaming at God but he didn't seem to hear
I applied my tourniquet unnecessarily
To this tragedy

The kiss of breath
Returned her to life's vicious circle
A moment in the wrong direction
She was content to set sail
In the endless valium sea
Bound for tragedy
A gale of her breath
Drew nearer to the shores
Of tragedy

The wounds which rise from her wrists
Announce the presence of the spirit
Hiding behind the mask of death
This vessel of life is loved ever so, so deeply
Therefore this time
She shall not embark
For the shores of tragedy
A return voyage to life

Text přidal DevilDan

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