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I was thinking of Heaven
But no that's forbidden
Veneration of war
Nothing more
No war no victory

Plunge the dagger into my ribs
Let the bells of fate ring for me
Feel the fury, you know you must
Leave peace and love in disgust

So the drama continues
I hope the sequel is suicide
Humanity is a plague
That eat itself alive

Atonement is a phantom
That whispers in my ear
War is the whore that lures
The look of the lecherous leeches leer

As if by magic I have been spared
This stagnant atmosphere has dissolved into a nebulous vacuum
I am bathed in aromatic perfume
Dream-like figures emanate love
And swoon at my glance of seduction

By what magic has fate allowed such bliss?
Instantly you are so sweet

Text přidal DevilDan

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