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Psalm (Maggot's Lair) - text


After murder, we encounter
The great mystery
That which surpasses the human
Experience, the human disease
Directly before, a moment or
Two after and essentially
During murder - great mysteries
Animal introduction, the first
Prehistoric urge instilled at
The first cries of freedom
If only from the womb
And birth and death do not end it
This transgression is perhaps
The first
And final step in the evolutionary stage
Before and after reincarnation
Seen through the murderer's eyes...
The only true free spirit
Dark horse rider
Maggot's lair - blindness
The first incision fulfills the need for the last
Seen through animal eyes
And God's eye
Through the murderer's eye
The first incision fulfills the
And God's eye
The lord is my shepherd;
I shall always want
He make me to lie in
Wait for rapture
He lead me to vile
Waters, He destroyed
My soul, He lead me
In the path of blindness
For his name's sake
In the valley of the
Shadow of death
Thou appeareth before me
In robes of silicon and
Thou doth defile me as
No other has before thee
I fear all life-for thou art with me
Thy rod and staff serve
To defeat me
In the presence of mine
Thou annointest my head with scalding oils
My blood runneth over
Surely goodness and
Mercy shal
Forsake me all the days
Of my life
And I shall dwell under
Ground, under foot
Forever in the presence of mine enemies

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