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Climate of Violence - text


That fucking thieving, lying, betraying bitch
has brought forth all his aggression
from the bottomless well
The lid was on tight give me time to breathe
To live, to love, to forget

I hate to dwell on the wickedness of the world
Save the world??
Only if there is time
And time is a conspiracy devouring my life
With shark like incisors
What significance or relevance
Do the inner perturbances have on the fulcrum

What is your gripe?
Do you hate the rich, hate the poor, hate the weak
Hate the strong, hate the short, hate the long
Hate the fat, hate the thin, hate the niggers, aryans
Anyone with a different colour skin
Hate protestants, hate jews, hate catholics, hate spics
All circumcised dicks, hate invalids, hate the sick
Hate warlocks, hate witches, hate lesbians and queers
Nothing new, it's all been done for years and years
I hate, hate, and hereby vow never to utter
Any such violent evil in any language ever
Unless, of course, you beg me
No nay, I'd rather leave it up to the rest of the world
There are so many others who perform
Their optimum satisfaction
In this climate of violence

Here the kneeling believers
Extinguish all compassion
Corpses of beautiful beings decorate the walls
Digest that impotent object but save some for me
There's plenty more between the sinues
Where you must kneel down

Part two: The Satanic Verses (Rushdie's Lament)

Gibreel Farishta was tempted but renewed
An uncompromising absolute pure
Aureamycin and formaldehyde
A ride in triumph through amphetamine

Fucking idiot, the devil damn thee black
He must think of himself, from now on
As living perpetually in the first instant of the future
He is also, after all, living in the present moment of the past
A fearsome Jinnee of monstrous statue appeared
What is your wish?
To be left alone in my own mind
My own will, my own autonomy
My own truth

Part three: The Malice Of Prejudice

Punishment for unknown crime
Pilgrimages into terror
Festering human kindness
The hideous heart of man
Predisposing dichotomy
Indignation, the reaper rejoices
Jim Crow laws, equal rights
Abraham Lincoln, Gearge Washington, Karl Marx
The constitution, the Magna Carta, Mao's Little Red Book
Mein Kampf, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko
Malcolm X, SS, FBI, CIA, MI6, MI%, IRA, KGB
KKK, the very soul of man wallows in the
Wickedness of vile vice putrifying in the
Miasmas of this fucking evil hatred.

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