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I meant to call you
But the time just flew
And I put if off
I put it off again

My second chance is through
Soon be you jazzing you
The better times we had

I'm sorry I missed you
I know that's no excuse
Oh, when death comes knocking
I run the other way

So wipe away your eyes
We're all just waiting here to die
Like a shadow at the window
Just a low branch fading away

I'd let Floyd and Mary, too
Eleanor, John and you
Oh, but Michael
My heart still breaks for you

Hello, my friend
While you're waiting for the end
Help the helpless
And just drift a little longer, yeah
Goodbye again
While you're waiting for a friend
To pick you up and hold you
While you're getting stronger, yeah
We're all just marching
Just marching off to die

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Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants

Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants texty

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