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I'm Drifting Back To Dreamland - text


I'm sitting alone by the fireside,
Watching the shadows fall,
I'm dreaming again of you dear,
And the days beyond recall.
And life is so empty without you.
No one can take your place,
So I'm drifting back to dreamland,
For a glimpse of your dear face.
I'm drifting back to dreamland,
I'm sure I'll find you there,
With a smile for ev'ry tear,
And a kiss for ev'ry care,
I'm lonesome but I'm happy,
For I know you'll wait for me.
So I'm drifting back to dreamland,
On a sea of memory. 2. The days and the nights seem so lonely,
Missing you all the while,
I'd give all I own if only,
It would bring me back your smile.
But all of our castles have vanished,
They could not be it seems,
But I'll build them all again, dear,
In that mistic land of dreams.

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