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Living On My Own - text


I'm walking through dark streets in the night
Asking myself if I'm wrong or right
Can't understand the sense of life
Don't know if I should give up or fight
Deep in my heart is a burning desire
I perceive that my brain is melting in fire
The wish for comprehension,
For love and fortune
Is strong,
But two hearts let it end in torture.
Wohohohohohoh living on my own
Wohohohohohoh living on my own
There is no promise, there is no hope
No way out, this is like under dope
The Judas is laughing, money is god
That´s the rule of the nation, I ever got
Alcohol and drugs blinding my mind
By my search of life, pay in kind
It will never end and I´ll never forget
The tortures of life, does this make sense,
Oh god.

Text přidala Lucipher69


Chinchilla texty

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