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Niggas know how I rock
Bow down bitch
My name King Sosa now
I mean King Keef, It ain't Chief Keef no mo'
[Verse 1]
They want the old Sosa. For what doe?
That's a crazy low down dirty cut throat
I'm smoking earth let me show you how my heart go
Got my 9 on me bitch, Rondo
I brought the bank out, Wells Fargo
You ain't getting money boy that not yours
I bought a pint of lean, I'ma sip it by my self
Sneak diss and find yourself, by yo self
'member on the block posted by myself
That bitch told me to control myself, I told her to go find yourself
Cdai got 22 Shots n he coming all By himself
Wait, no he got 5 people with him so nigga go hide yourself
You ain't getting money yo lil lying self
Get a $100,000 check and spend it by myself
Bitch, don't miss this jet, I'll get in it by myself
And if I wanna fuck I'ma hit it by myself
That bitch wanna picture by herself, by herself
I just drunk a pint of lean by myself, by myself
You ain't squad bitch, I'll leave you by yaself, by ya self
And go and get this money by myself, by myself
[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
I got some niggas that some hittas by they self
Don't care if you with them niggas or if you by yourself
T-Roy got a gun that's bigger than him
And he gon' blow that bitch all by himself
He don't miss, he gon' leave the right one left
Can't find a bitch you say you see the right one where
I gotta glo, I know the people like to stare
Baby, gotta glow up one day, might as well
[Verse 3: Tadoe]
You want that hot shit?
Pull up on yo' block, let that Glock spit
Two jocks in my hand, you on that opp shit?
Broad day, out the car with the mop sticks
Have you running to your broad like "Aw shit!"
I'ma hitta by myself, you are not shit
1017 Glo gang these hoes on our dick
I'ma hitta by myself, you are not shit
1017 Glo gang these hoes on our dick

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