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How much he got? I'm gone though
Tell that nigga call my phone though
Come through beating 30s like some congo's
This nigga better hope my gun broke
I need a pint how much you want though
He better want 6hunchoz
I got pulled over doing a hunchoz
Off a hundred blunts pockets filled of hunchoz
I'm off the dope I’m out in public
Walk in the mall like fuck it
I buy everything I wanted
Cause I remember when I couldn't
Well now I got them hunchoz
Money long, like Rapunzel (hair)
You think you got them hunchoz
Believe me boy you don't even want to go, there
Glock 17 so rare
Shoot your ass dead in your ear
Come through blowing shit down, CONAIR
Im going crazy like my auntie Sonya

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Chief Keef texty

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