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Turn Up (x44)
Chopper go graa graa, run up
Fucking with Almighty So get burned up, straight up
If you ain't gettin' gwop by now, turn up
Got 30 shots in this ning ding it get hot like the furnace
These fuck boys know where I come from
That O gang bitch, or it's no gang bitch, ain't worried about none of ya
That little thot he got a pom pom
And I'm Almighty So, so you know that I'ma fuck it up
Got first 4 key, tweet 4 pounds of weed
My niggas in the field always blowing up my G
Everybody blunt steady going over me
I just hit a pint of lean that put my ass to sleep
You ain't getting money that shit sad to me
I get so much money that these niggas mad at me
I'm too busy at the top and I don't give a fuck what nigga after me

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Almighty So


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