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Love Lives On - text


What was I to you?
Maybe to show you how truly
Beautiful you are
Yeah even though you've
Heard it forever
From the right one it's
Kind of like the weather
It becomes the truth

And what were you to me?
That is a question that will
Truly take forever to explain
Just know that what we have in time will travel
You see things like this they never quite unravel
They weave into our dreams

Love lives on
With or without people in it
The path it follows has no limit
Everything we do goes beyond

And even what we leave behind us
Someday will come back to find us
I'm telling you that we're that strong
What we had is never gone
Love lives on

What were we to us?
Something I know will never happen in this world again
We were more than just each other's cheap attraction
So don't you ever think that you were some distraction

'Cause time will bear to prove
Love lives on
So go on now
And know that this is not the end
Just one more story we'll begin
I'll be out
When you look up at the stars at night
Just feel me in their faintest light
'Cause they'll know where
I am always

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