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Here With Me (A Candle For The Dark) - text


We rode the train
From Paris to the cold Atlantic shore
The winter rain
Kept us in each other's arms until the dawn
Do you remember?

Faster than the sun
Flying higher than everyone
Like a dream too good to last
I won't regret the past

Here with me
Deep down in my soul now and forever
A candle for the dark, I keep you
Here with me
A story with an unexpected end

The morning plane
Through empty doors a mountain in the sky
The golden chain
The autumn treetops cast a northern light
Do you remember?

We have no common ground
Treasure lost will now be found
We can blame our wild at heart
From now and from the start


Remember feelings I have shown
Chasing dreams I've never done
Illusion lead us both away
Hold me in your arms before you go


Deep down in my soul you will be
Here with me
A story with an unexpected end
Everywhere I go you're here with me

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