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Rugged days - text

When the shit hit the fun, when the things got all wrong
There’s no lad in the pub that can sing me a song
And the money I‘ve spent on whiskey and beer
Were so so enough to drown misery
So, where’s the ghost that’d keep it real, in here

Why every fuckin‘ while comes to end before we die
Are there really things to see, if most of them are not for me

Where the hell did go all the rugged days
The spirit now sticks at the floor
It seems that every point in our life we made
Is no more that a mud at the door

Always care what they do and what they leave behind
What’s worth to abuse and who’s worth to let down
And the youth that they had is now far from the tree
All the cheer in our hearts can’t be gone till we breathe
So fill the jar and sing a song with me

So many years’ve been passing by, the’re like a girl without answer why
So much for better days, I’ll hold my breath till again they’ll raise

So the morning has come and it mourned our day
‘re you remember the times when we used to be the same
There’s no shame in our hearts for the things that we’ve done
What’s point of the living if punks got no fun

I've been a wild rover for many's a year,
And I've spent all me money on whiskey and beer

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Wrong & Right

Cheers! texty

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