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Poor Man's Hat - text

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat. So please’ve got a penny in the poor man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny so half penny will do and if you haven’t got half penny so then
well fuck you.

My birthday is coming today I lost my work. My wife she’s gone with some ugly stupid jerk.
And the house where I was living in flames it felted down. And now I should be worried in this fucking town.

St. Patty’s day is coming my live lies on the ground. For you I’m a begger and a homeless now. You can find me on the street sitting right beside my hat if someone who will goes around will give me piece of bread.

Halloween is coming the weather’s getting cold. A penny would help me, c’mon, drop a coin. You can make your God blessy and gave me a fog too and if you haven’t got anything so then well fuck you.

My death is coming I lost everything I had, so please’ve got mercy with the poor man’s death. If you haven’t got some mercy, so get out of my world. I died because your stupid heads did left me in the cold.

Christmas is coming so be kind and be nice. For all we are humans and no animals. Our own world will be better, homeless would be alive. But You don’t care what’s gonna be. What’s fucking right.

Text přidala Spectacular

Wrong & Right

Cheers! texty

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