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Molly's Eyes - text

Can you feel the cold
Can you smell the wind
There is a sailing boat
Along with my sins.
And I think of my old home.
My mouth’s filled with one crown.

Funny old things
Cheer up my mind
Whatever end brings
I’m doing fine.
Don’t bother your brass eyes
I wish you could see blue skyes

The Sun is shinning down the ground
Pull out a cork and send it around.
Wheelbarrow lost it’s only way
I’m gonna tell Molly today
So tear the statue down!

Cryin’ alone and careful steps
Will put you out of livingness
That’s best way how tell the death you’re here.
Shouting loud and courageous things
Cup-of-a-tea while your cockle sinks
Are making the life much longer, see my dear.

Innocent thought of a shrewdy man
Create a statue without any care
I bet she would cry if they cast her tears.
So push the boat and wave to me
I rather stay in memories
Then stuck in a square, be a tourist top to see.
So please…

Can you hear the sound
There’s music in waves.
Push the wheelbarrow away
Together we’ll stay.
Please, tear the statue down
There’s no heart beating inside.

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Wrong & Right

Cheers! texty

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