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Mary Hogan's - text

All the roads I left behind, each of them poured a tear
For the women who lives by the shore
As she‘d hold my sore hands, and her green sad eyes
My heart started to beatin‘ once more

Far away from green eyes, far away from me now
A smile is waiting and yearns
For the man who have lost his mind in the wind
Blow so i’ll find the way home

When you’ll be by Mary Hogan’s never take a rest
and don’t look ever there to where is staring all the rest
She‘ll lure you with a whiskey and than shake her head with a smile
She’s the woman you should married, for whom every man would die

Goodbye my sweet love I go over the sea to find a new home we can dwell
Don’t shade your tears and wait here for me. I‘m sure you will handle it well
All those years we have spent side by side, hand in hand, it wasn‘t just a childish play
So let me go for a place where you happy will be, don’t worry together we’ll stay

Since than I have passed over thousands of miles thinking of you every day
And my boots full of rocks could of tell you the same, we’ve sent you a letter today
But every road’s got it’s end and I finished the mine in a place where an angel dwells
And all the words i wrote splashed the stout gone away. My soul will be buried in hell.

Every women i had every girl i have met, It has never felt to be so behind
When I lost my breath in her green sad eyes...
..and the pint of a stout at the bar.

Text přidala Spectacular

Wrong & Right

Cheers! texty

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