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I'll Never Be the Same Man Again - text

Our captain’s really wise so we‘d way on to the seas
And look for other lanes rich as much as is it could be
But after a year hanging rats on the spar
We started to getting hunch where we are

Stores were getting short so as sailors on the deck
And every lasting man’d like to turn the lugger back
The devil himself had to bless this whole place
And leave it to our captain’s hands
Oh, he left it in our captain’s hands

A sailor never counts how many days he’s gone from home
But for a fuckin‘ sake none of us could really know
The rats we did hang and left to rock in the wind
Were oddly just disappearing
For me and other swabs, it was only a scuttle-butt
But true is that the thing with the dead was really odd
We broke in cabine where the captain did sleep
And saw what the freak liked to eat
Oh, we saw what the freak liked to eat

And I’ll never be the same man again

The fact that we’re the fish put the strenght in our vains
We went to find the deamon to finish up the dance
Well, no one of us ever met a ghost before
But I‘m sure that a fish hook will work

You tell to me wife I’ll be back in a while, there’re things that just got to be done
When we found him, captain was teared all around
and mermaids just feast on his lung
I promised them to hold back me tongue

I hired another men and we‘d way on to the seas
To meet again the girls lovely more than summer breeze
Their whisper in my ears lead my hand on the wheel
And gimme that beautiful feel
Oh, they gimme such a beautiful feel.

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Wrong & Right

Cheers! texty

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