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The night I saw your bluesy eyes is buried in my mind
Our sights were like billiard balls, across each other they run
You looked like someone‘s chaseing you, was it a hiding place or me
That drove you in my dirty place, the last place on Earth you should be

If there’s one word left to say
Just like an old man above his grave
I don’t care for a thing I don’t want to be me
till the Sun will brake the day

Next day after the morning shift, when I found out that you’re gone
The only thing that i could do was staring at the wall
Your hair trapped on my pillow sheet and the scent you left in the air
All that with the way you smile and kiss traped me in a fairy tale

What an evil I must done
so you chared me and then was gone
now me loife is a lost and I’m drinking with ghosts
till the Sun will brake the day

Then I saw her on the western shore, as she rumbled all alone
so i braced myself and touched her throat
to feel the heartbeat once more

Who would say that a woman’s warming heart
can snatch a man down to his feet
and they dragged me away in a cold bloody cell
to pay for what I did

Now I’m safe before her smile
for a man can’t have his day
and I’ll stay right in here by the collier’s cell
till the Sun will brake the year.

Text přidala Spectacular

Wrong & Right

Cheers! texty

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