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Cliffs Of Galway - text

I’m a man with the fate of an old dusty book,
lieing alone in the shelve, used on not to be looked.
Hundred pages of luck, shame and hopeless affairs,
no bollocks, no ties and no chance for a change.
I’m a saint i’m a ghost that you dreamed ‘bout the most
With me you’ll be no longer down
What is freedom you want to a kiss from the heart
There is still a blank row to find

When I’ll see the cliffs of Galway I’ll scarve it with your name
So you finaly know how it’s like to be trapped in a womb of wailing waves

You're just holding your arse on the same spot all day,
drinking beer with your friends, talk, have nothing to say.
you guys should of think twice before you got a wife,
the last thing you'll do is to ruin me loife

I have told you that day when you first draw ye'r name
no saint could of change the way I am
and I love you the most, but the fate's got me toes
don't shout at me loike I'm the man

Don't grumble and wail - I bet you were in jail
we still can be - drunk till we die
I’m just trying to say - you don't listen me well
and care about me when I'm down.

no saint would be open to woes you are giving
that's reason why we die alone
I don't give a fuck for what shit makes you riggin
But flow can shape the stone.

Text přidala Spectacular

Wrong & Right

Cheers! texty

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