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The Unattainable Myth of Emptiness - text

Cold immortal existence,
The burning effigy of my past.
A cage of fear and memories,
I try to justify my self.

Breathe in the burning desperation,
As I distant light.
Temporary extradorinary...
This pleasure betrays me.

Illusions of bleeding,
I feel suddenly numb.

This secret is confusion.
Freedom, so far away.
The unattainable myth of emptiness.

I am defeated.
The ancient cracks in a fairytale world.
I am deleted.
The heartless corpse of my nightmare.

This boulevard of sorrow-
Paranoia devours me.

This isn't fun anymore...
Your acidic thoughts fill my head.
Committed to my mistakes,
Contaminated- i am forgotten.

Stuck in this purgatory,
Please stop this suffering...
The shadows are watching me,
In the everlasting darkness.

The whispers of this angel are fatal.
I think of you..
And I choke.
Mercy, oh tragedy.
Blood caked skin.
Where is my saviour?
Your voice grows faint...

Text přidala DolaineSee

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