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You wanted change, face another imagining
I'm going pro and now you're running on empty
What's the point of living life like a picture?
Every day wake up and see the same old closure

You turned your back on the only way out
Turned on those you used to care about
You took his name, you took his side
Second the rest of us in doubt

Through him take your tongue
So you can't face with your visions
Sleepless take your lungs

Fallen from grace
Just like the severed to crown of thorns
Secret your trust for target practice
I used your lust to legends

Our minds these taking words
Bleak seen the party and generation
Criminal fall asleep to dream of lust

Everything you let go
Leads to coffins
These shadows in the light
Stars flee from the perfection

As the night is disgraced
Killing our innocence dies
Shadows of guilt run temptress
Guilt of clenched your lights
The carrier the flame

Text přidala maryank3

The Killing Princess

Chasing Victory texty

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