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We were young
We had plans
That we wrote
On the back of our hands
So the ink could wash off
If we found that the plans had to stop
In the spring
In the night
I would hide
And give you
Such a fright
When I jumped
From behind
Our couch
We spent months
Trying to buy
And you held me so tightly
That I couldn't breathe
And you whispered assurance
That you'd never leave
And we talked through the night
Of what we could achieve
We were young
There were times
When I felt
That there just
Couldn't be anyone else
In the world
But ourselves
And then times
When we put each other
Through hell
And I lay all the blame I could find onto you
'Cause nearly nothing of what you had said was the truth
And our only excuse was the one we had used
We were young
I don't wanna leave, but I'll go now
No matter how hard I'll rub you, you won't come out
My blues hit your browns by the door
And I could hit the floor
But the plan on my palm says I'm leaving
We had planned
All the songs
That we thought
Could make us millions
And the time
That was left
Meant we only had
Seconds to live
And I cried to my family and cried to my friends
And I promised my people that this was the end
But the thing that hurts most is I won't kiss you again
We were young

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