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I'm on my third one
So I've got a loose tongue
But if you feel thirsty, I'll buy you one too

At the risk of a cliche
Would it be okay
If we sit together and talk for a few?

Now I usually get home
Before I get too gone
I don't think stayin' would be a mistake

I love this song too
Could I dance with you?
Let's try something new
For old time's sake

If I had a nickle
For every George Dickel
Silver-tongued promise
Made in this bar

We'd be sittin' and sippin'
On somethin' expensive
Makin' an' killin' of desperate hearts

If you didn't know better
You'd think I was clever
Castin' my lines in this mean old lake
But I ain't here fishin', I'm just kinda wishin'
We try somethin' new
For old time's sake

It's gettin' on late
We're gettin' on great
It'd be easy to take this way too far

You know I want to
But I think I like you
Enough to just walk you out to your car

Innocent, no
I just know how it could go
If we jump in too quick so I'm willin' to wait

Well this might sound crazy
Old-fashioned, maybe
But let's try somethin' new
For old time's sake

Let's try somethin' new
For old time's sake

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Beginning Of Things

Charlie Worsham texty

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