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Summertime Here All Year - text


It's too hot and we're ready to burn
It takes a big mistake before lesson
is learnt. It's too late to turn back
the time. The weatherman has fallen
through a hole in the sky. And he's long
gone, yes, he's long gone, and there's
no way that he's coming back.

We're too slow, beaten by the heat
You need a real reason to get onto your
feet. It's too long since we watered the
flowers. And every year we're hoping
for some April showers. But they won't come.
No they won't come and I'm done with us
digging holes.

Because it's summertime here all year
long now. And the rain won't pour
anymore. We've gotta move. (To a land
where the grass is growing, to a land
where the grass is)

The seven seas are beginning to merge
They've swallowed up the cities now
they're starting to purge. Sun sets
on an ocean of trash. A world of
functionallity reducing to ash. And it's
all gone. Yes it's all gone. The world
that we used to know.

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