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Rockin' in the Suburbs - text


You gotta open up your mind to another side.
Another place where the faces smile.
Gimme a line for words are birds they're flying away.
Sometimes, when I got oo much to say.
My head is a pumping, like a rabbit with a foot that's a thumping.
Ah, ah, ahh, ah, ah, ahh, ah, ah, ahh ahh

Well I get a little sick of distractions
Growing up in a world of attractions
This is it, this is what I want to do now.
Just a singing and a playing this a tune of somehow,
Somewhere, there's a pair of eardrums.
And they shiver to the rhythm of a tom. tom.
Ah, ah, ahh, ah, ah, ahh, ah, ah, ahh ahh

If you can't switch off but you wanna
get off well let's go (Rockin' in the
suburbs). If you wanna rock, rock,
don't stop til the cows come home
(Rockin' in the suburbs). Everybody's
got a party in their body, it's a
one man show

(Rockin' in the suburbs) Wow!

Now I feel that weight is a
lifting. There's a feeling shifting.
And the sun is shining high in
they sky like nylon, There's a file
on everybody wearing the same skin. Need-
ing the same thing it's amazing
and it's happening. Ah, ah, ahh, ah
ah, ahh, ah, ah, ahh ahh

And I'm told that the tables are turning
There's a people a learning, the
curiosity is burning. If it hurts you
can say that you heard it. So 'Mum'
is the word. I'm a little bird
with a big secret. Can I trust
you to keep it, please? Ah, ah,
ahh, ah, ah, ahh, ah, ah,
ahh ahh

There's a time, there's a place, there's a
season. There's a reason for leaving the
beliefs you believe in. When you're
freezing the feeling. And you're frozen
to the bone. So, give it away like a
chilli pepper told you. Give it up before
the fucker controls you. Ah,
ah, ahh, ah, ah, ahh, ah, ah, ahh ahh

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