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I take the line as I take to your stage
Breaking your minions in half
You shake with fear as I'm screaming in rage
Sweating as you hear me laugh
Closer I'm coming to tear in your soul
Kicking you down as I'm seeing my goal
Leaving you limbless, lifeless beings behind

Game over
Insert coin
Level start

Shooting my way through the back of your line
Gathering power and health
Bringing you down at the end of your time
Taking your strength and your wealth
I did not think you would put up a fight
Seeing you know it would seems I was right
One more commission and I think
This mission is through

Game over
Insert coin
Level start

I keep on going with sweat on my palms
Veins that are bursting with rage
People are screaming that I should keep calm
But I won't go back to menu page
Busting and beating you down to the floor
Quarters are flying like never before
Once and again and again and again and again

Game over
Insert coin
Level start

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Charlie Shred

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