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Nonny (singing): But I don't know the first thing about how a factory works.

Mr. Grouper (singing): Perfect! You're absolutely perfect!

Nonny (singing): And I don't have a clue of what a chocolatier must do.

Mr. Grouper (singing): Well, Nonny Pirruccello, if you did, then you wouldn't be a kid.

Mr. Grouper (singing): It's all the things you aren't that make you what you are.
It's what you do not own that sets you free.
It's the lessons still unlearned, it's the corners not yet turned,
that make you you and... a little me!

Mr. Grouper: Hat.

Nonny: Hat?

Mr. Grouper: Cane.

Nonny: Cane?

Mr. Grouper: Thank you, Harold. Thank you, Blodwyn.

Nonny (singing): But I don't know the recipes of how much this and that.

Mr. Grouper (singing): Delumptious! That makes you just delumptious!

Nonny (singing): And I've not seen a single fact of how a chocolatier must act.

Mr. Grouper (singing): Well, the things you haven't seen make you a fresh green bean!

Mr. Grouper (singing): It's all the things you aren't that make you what you are.
You have to dig a hole to plant the tree.
It's the books you've yet to read, it's the dough you've yet to knead,
that makes you you and... a little me!

Mr. Pirruccello, Mrs. Pirruccello, Sandy, Martin, and Dot: Surprise!

Mrs. Pirruccello: Nonny, you've won! Mr. Grouper's told us everything!

Mr. Grouper: I turned the whole place into a Pirruccello palace.

Mr. Pirruccello: There's even a Pirruccello workshop!

Sandy: And a Pirruccello ice cream machine!

Dot: And a royal Pirruccello bed!

Nonny: I still can't believe it.

Mr. Grouper: Nonny, can't you see it?
(singing) The factory's yours! Yes, that's your prize!

Fishie-Wishies (singing): We've got a boss who's just our size!

Mr and Mrs. Pirruccello (singing): And what a treat to watch you rise!

Sandy (singing): A choc'late comet in ascent!

Martin and Dot (singing): With sparks of sweets you'll soon invent!

Mr. Grouper (singing): And there's no time to dilly dally! Must begin with one small step!

Mr. Grouper: Say hello to your new taster... Oompa Langoustine!

Mr. Langoustine: You did it, Nonny!

Mr. Grouper (singing): Yes!

All (singing): It's all the things you aren't that make you what you are!
You'll lead the way to things you've yet to see.
It's the schemes you've yet to bake, it's the leap you've yet to take, that makes you you!

Mr. Grouper (singing): A Grouper through and through!

All (singing): That makes you you! And in the middle of a riddle where a kid'll be a little...

Pirruccello Family and Fishie-Wishies (singing): Yes, we agree. You're a little...

Mr. Grouper and Nonny (singing): Me!

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