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Separate ways
There’s one that goes and one that stays
But the will meet again
I know they will
In the tinsel town of time

Let’s be fair
The sportin‘ life we had our share
You know that I cared
Honest I swear, that’s why I’m here
But the facts are so unfair

They say pain up ahead
And rivers of rain
There’s no way to hide
And today you must make a change
So to each his own, we’ll go on our own…

Separate ways
There could be some desparate days
And when you’re on the ledge
Don’t stop and stare
Don’t say a prayer
Just call me and I’ll be there

You must be strong
Life is hot and I can’t stay long
Cause deep down inside we know we tried
We had our fights
But, you know, the tape donť lie

Listen to the sweet harmonies
That we used to sing
Up under the lights
All the shows sold out for nights
I’m back on the stage
I’m turning the page

Say goodbye
Please promise that you will not cry
Cause I want you to believe in you
Show me you do
That’s why I sign this song about
Separate ways

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