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You been talkin'...
Talkin' to me
I been watchin' you
From way across the room

You been lookin'
Over my way;
Is it you or I
That's gonna make the move

Gonna make you say?
Oh, ah, oh yeah

Come on, baby
Listen to me
Let me tell you
How I want our night to be
Movin' slowly
Hold you closely
Gonna put you in a mood
You won't believe...

Don't you leave me
In this corner
I won't let you get away
Without a fight
Funky music;
Groovin' hard now
We should do what
We've been wanting to all night

Gonna make you say:
"Can I take you
Over to my place?"
I'll make dinner
With a table set for two
I want to know you
A whole lot better
We can laugh and talk
And stay up late together
Just give me a chance
To prove the others wrong
'Cause I won't be like
No one that you've had before
I'll treat you right
I won't hold too tight
You just be
Exactly who you are

Gonna make you say...

Text přidal DevilDan

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