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I been thinkin' about, all the things you said to me
And now i'm tryin' to figure out, if this is where i want to be
But i must admit, boy you almost had me there
When you first told me, how you really, really cared
But i've gotta let you know - we've got our whole lives - take it slow
I ain't tryin' to mess your flow - but i'm not gonna let it go
You gotta keep it in control - no matter what you do i'll still say no
What you really gotta show - that you want me for much more
Don't say that you love me, boy
And that you're always thinkin' of me, boy
It don't matter if it's wrong or right
This ain't goin' down tonight
Don't tell me i'm your everything
And that you want me to wear your ring
I ain't tryin' to start Sa fight
But, this ain't goin' down tonight
I got no doubt you're everything you claim to be
But try to understand i gotta do what's right for me
Don't turn away - good things come to those who wait
Stop pressurin' me - cause that will only complicate
The good times that we shared - chillin' out without a care
The games of truth or dare - on our friendship we did swear
You'd run your fingers through my hair-a feeling i just can't compare
You know this isn't fair- why'd you go and take it there
[Chorus Rpt]

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