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[Verse 1: Chanel West Coast]
If you drunk and acting foolish
Then this be the music that shit to make you lose it
Get thrown out like you stupid
Maybe bands will make her do it
Lands in France will make me move it
In that trance from my movement
Getting love like Jen Hewitt
Living life to the fullest like jack nick and freeman in that movie
Catch me out living in Miami Willie beaming with the Louis
In my queen of some land still drifting by my jewelry
Ain’t no other team we live the dream that’s just the way we do it B

[Hook: Chanel West Coast]
I’m about what’s happening, stay all up on my fashion
These drinks yeah we be smashing, getting money that’s my passion
Loaded like im blasting, you can’t get it why you asking?
Got Fendi in my mansion flashing lights, Kardashian
Looking so fly I’m tied with the sky
Looking looking so fly I’m tied with the sky
Looking so fly I’m tied with the sky
Looking looking so fly I’m tied with the sky
Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld
On my Karl Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld

[Verse 2: Chanel West Coast]
Lamborghini doors to my front porch cause’ I just lost my mind
Santorini burn cash like torch cause’ I stay on my grind
In Bikinis hot, so hot I scorch beach bunnies in the line
Sip martinis coast to coast be at the chateau all the time
Jimmy Choo's baby, that’s my shoes baby
I never lose baby, spread the news baby
I’m the deuce baby, on top of booths baby
My swag a million billion catrillion Chanel be the truth baby

[Hook: Chanel West Coast]

[Verse 3: Chanel West Coast]
New York, Paris, London Japan
All around the world keep getting what you can
And I won’t stop forever cop the flyest drops the largest rocks
P-party til’ they call the cops
I’m hotter than some tater-tots
I’m never gonna be too Hollywood so you can never save it
I paid my dues in holly with my road I effing paved it
Now I’m on the red carpet in red bottoms that’s what they said
I’m living the dream, make my own bread
Dressed to kill leaving them dead

[Hook: Chanel West Coast]

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