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Bass in the trunk - text


Bass in the fucking trunk, bitch
Get the fuck outta here

[Verse 1]
I'm 'bout to hit you like an 808 (bass, bass, bass)
Motherfuckers stackin' plenty cake (cake, cake, cake)
I'm eatin' good over here they want a (plate, plate, plate)
I'm married to the game, you chicks is on a (date, date, date)
Gonna flip it on 'em, iPhone
Crazy on 'em, psycho
Burn up on 'em, pyro
Fattest blunts, lypo
Fuck it, I ain't lyin' for
Hit it hardy, Geico
London down to Cairo
Scream my name like Michael
Bass, ba-bass, ba-bass, ba-bass

[Verse 2]
Lemme drop it down for a minute
Motherfucker, I been in it
West Coast, we the toast
Can't see this, windows tinted
Can't stop, did the biggest
Young Money, we the business
Y'all short, fuckin' midgets
Clear coat flights, I get it
Yeah that mean, I'm flyin' private, private
On a boat, bitch, pirate, pirate
No sex tape, I keep it private
Too fly, bitch, I'm a pilot

Bass, ba-bass, ba-bass, ba-bass, ba-bass, bass, bass, bass
Bass in the trunk, bass in the trunk
Bass, bass in the trunk
Bass in the trunk, bass in the trunk
Bass, bass in the trunk
(Got that) Bass in the trunk, (got that) bass in the trunk
(Got that) Bass in the trunk
(Got that) Bass in the trunk, (got that) bass in the trunk
(I got that) Bass in the trunk

This be the, this be the motherfuckin' anthem

[Verse 3]
Now here's a little story I got to tell
About a bad ass bitch, your girl Chanel
It started way back in history
Now your chick, Cee Dub, YMCMB
I got a little horsey it's a Ferrari
Me in this horsey smokin' kush OG
Your dude's trynna holler but he just too sweet
Need a man to light it up in the back of the Jeep, baby!

Bass, ba-bass, ba-bass, ba-bass

[Verse 4]
I'm coppin' Loubi's in Paris, speedin' off in a race
Smokin' doubies with Frankie, gettin' out of our face
Say he knew me, got at me, but he can't have a taste
Sippin' D’usse and Louis, tres, tres, tres
I'm a firefighter, bitches, put out your flame
Make records for the Jeeps like it's '98
Ain't lookin' for no beef, but you chicks is lame
Trynna be a boss bitch like Beyoncé, motherfucker




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