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The land of the free - text

Said bye bye to Johnny B Goode on the west side of Hollywood
Begging dimes with a broken guitar
Lucille working for the minimum rate, still washing those pots
And plates
And in this state she won’t get for

Every step you také seems like it’s over me
Every smile you fake itš like a knife in the back and a
Postcard from
The Land of the Free

Mama still can’t pay the rent, sure her son wil be President
If he works real hard
Sonny watches too much TV, he thinks that freedom it comes
For free
And all he wants is to be a star

Never read a book that he might disagree
And if you také a look you see that nothing comes for nothing
Comes for nothing in
The Land of the Free

Do you know what it means to be free?
Do you know what it means to be free?
Like an old painted harlot with a secret to keep
A whole load of people walking in their sleep
They’ve got their heads to the wall
My head’s to the wall
You’re coming like a country with o memory
You’re coming like a country with o memory
A just remember this
Nothing comes cheap
When you’re living in the land of the free

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